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Sign up for health insurance coverage with Covered California, or Private Health Plans. We provide professional assistance in applying for coverage and advice in selecting coverage through Covered California and We are Certified Covered California and Insurance Brokers.

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Serving California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Virginia and Michigan.

Health Insurance

Our technology makes it easy to find and compare health carriers in your area, match you with providers and qualify you for federal premium assistance to help reduce your monthly premiums. Compare health plan options with just a few clicks of the mouse and avoid the health insurance mandate tax penalties.

Global Health insurance

Health Insurance for visa holding travelers and global citizens visiting the United States, and American expats worldwide including in the US. Get the coverage to meet your individual or family needs. Accepted by doctors and hospitals around the world. Choose your plan and enjoy your travels. Call 24-7 for help.

dental Insurance

Enjoy next-day coverage on most of these dental insurance plans. There are no enrollment fees with any plans. Preventive visits, such as exams and cleanings, are covered at 100% with network providers.

Vision Insurance

Enjoy next-day coverage and no enrollment fees on all vision insurance plans. Choose coverage from VSP and EyeMed network plans. Apply today and visit your specialist tomorrow.

Workers' compensation insurance

We make it easy to buy workers' compensation insurance for from reputable carriers for businesses in Production, Real Estate, Construction, Trucking, Transportation, Automotive, Healthcare, Maintenance, Food Service, Aviation, Manufacturing, Legal Services, Financial Services and other sectors!

Car insurance

Find affordable car insurance In your city. Stop overpaying and start saving today. How much can you save? Get your Free Quote to find out. Drive safe.

Life Insurance

Shop for life insurance that's simple and affordable, online and on your terms. Get a free quote today so your family can rest assured tomorrow.

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